Dr Matteo VALORIANI conférence Digital Dentistry Society

La Réalité Augmentée dans la Dentisterie Digitale – Augmented Reality in Digital dentistry

Salle Conférences – Espace Agora
vendredi 06 octobre - 15h30~16h00

Our world is changing and the speed in which technology develops has more and more impact on our daily life. The evolution of computational power has allowed to create virtual worlds with high fidelity images and accurate simulations of physical world. A new type of reality is emerging: Augmented Reality combines digital contents with physical world and opens new interesting possibility for Digital Dentistry Industry. In this session, we explore some of the new opportunities in dental industry to improve communication with patient, remote collaboration with services, visualization of patient data at dental chair. Finally, a live demo of Augmented Reality application with HoloLens will be showed.

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