Dr Henriette LERNER conférence Digital Dentistry Society

Rôle du scanner 3D dans l’acquisition des données, l’établissement du diagnostic et du plan de traitement – Diagnostic and treatment planning based on all digital data acquisition (photography, video, facescan, T Scan)

Dr Henriette LERNER
Salle Conférences – Espace Agora
vendredi 06 octobre - 10h45~11h05

A wide door to digital aesthetics is opened in dentistry. A new profession is  tracing links between the new technologies and aesthetics result. Our surgery starts with a initial mental planning work, while the surgical approach is getting a new face. Computers is showing us the future smile, breaking it down into algorithms of planning and manufacturing. Predictable , state oft he art workflows and technologies  will be presented, parameter and guidelines to avoid a learning curveand achieve high esthetic results in full arch reconstructions

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