M. Uli HAUSCHILD conférence Digital Dentistry Society

Du scan de laboratoire à la réalisation par soustraction ou addition : le point de vue du laboratoire sur la planification du traitement – From lab scan to 3D printing or milling : the lab point of view in treatment planning

Salle Conférences – Espace Agora
vendredi 06 octobre - 12h40~13h00

Accurate ahead planning is the biggest competitive advantage of digital dentistry and makes it unique. It allows the development of a highly precise concept in order to carefully combine the ideal positioning of implants while considering esthetic criteria of the final technical work. Its objective is to elaborate a plan to maximize the use of given assets  for the best possible outcome. The chosen strategy and concept is the heart of the actual process of computer aided implant positioning. Developing and following the strategy will guarantee a constantly high result. Therefor highest level from preiceise scanners, milling machines and 3D printers are nessesary as well  a close exchange between dentist and technician. Several case studies focusing on key issues will be shown. A list of chronological steps will lead the audience through the planning process.CT scans are the foundation to computer aided implantology and will be applied in different systems. The speaker’s intend is to create awareness of the importance of accuracy of all steps of the planning process. The ideal application of resources only becomes possible through improved ahead planning followed by accurate implementation of the concept. The ideal restoration is not recognized as such. Through accurate planning it can be prepared precisely at the forefront and does not need later adjustment.

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