Dr Thomas FORTIN conférence Digital Dentistry Society

La chirurgie implantaire guidée : le point sur les techniques les plus récentes – Guided implant surgery : the state of the art

Dr Thomas FORTIN
Salle Conférences – Espace Agora
vendredi 06 octobre - 14h50~15h10

Panoramic radiographs systematically underestimate the available remaining bone for implant placement particularly in severely atrophic maxillae. The inferiority of panoramic radiographs, when compared to cross-sectional images has already been highlighted for implant planning. In fact cross-sectional images associated with dedicated planning software permits accurate measurements and predictable planning both for the number and location of implant to be planned. That combination of cross-sectional exams associated with dedicated planning software instead of panoramic exam is used to optimized placement planning for oral implant. This technology permits to modify treatment plan by reducing the need of additional surgery thus reducing treatment cost, duration and risk of morbidity.

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