Pr. Carlo MANGANO et Dr. Francesco MANGANO

conférence digital dentistry

Custom-made CAD/CAM scaffolds for bone regeneration

Pr. Carlo MANGANO et Dr. Francesco MANGANO
Salle Conférences – Salle gratte ciel - jeudi 1er octobre 11h30~12h15

Several procedures have been proposed to achieve alveolar ridge augmentation. These require bone replacement materials to be manually cut, shaped, and formed at the time of implantation, resulting in an expensive and time-consuming process. In the present lecture, we describe a new technique for the design and fabrication of custom-made scaffolds for ridge augmentation, using three-dimensional (3D) cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM). CBCT images of the atrophic ridges are acquired and modified into 3D reconstruction models. These models are transferred as stereolithographic files (STL) to a CAD program, where a virtual 3D reconstruction of the alveolar ridge is generated, producing anatomically shaped, custom-made scaffolds. CAM software generates a set of tool-paths for manufacture by a computer-numerical-control (CNC) milling machine into the exact shape of the reconstruction, starting from synthetic porous calcium-phosphate blocks. The custom-made scaffolds are of satisfactory size, shape, and appearance; they match the defect area, suited the surgeon’s requirements, and are easily implanted during surgery. This helps to reduce the time for surgery and contributed to the good healing of the defects.

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