Pr. Giuseppe LUONGO

conférence digital dentistry

Presentation of the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS). The future of dentistry is digital: the complete digital workflow

Pr. Giuseppe LUONGO
Salle Conférences – Salle gratte ciel - jeudi 1er octobre 09h00~09h45

The Digital revolution is changing the way people think, communicate and work.

It is providing new ways to create knowledge, educate people and disseminate informations; it is transforming the way the world conducts economics and politics; it is contributing for the speedy delivery of humanitarian aid and healthcare, giving a new vision for environmental protection; it is creating new ways for entertainment and leisure.

Even the world of Dentistry is experiencing the effects of the Digital revolution: computers and Digital devices are making what were previously manual tasks easier, faster, cheaper and more predictable.

Digital technologies are rapidly advancing in Dentistry: new tools such as intra/ extra-oral scanners, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanners, computer aided design/ computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) softwares and innovative fabrication procedures such as 3D printing and layered manufacturing are changing the way we treat our patients.

Accordingly, dental professionals need to change the way they think, communicate and work.

Moreover , now the technology is mature enough and priced reasonably to complete the digital revolution in dentistry.

Different applications of the new digital dental procedures will be presented discussing their benefits and limits. Just to set and improve the evidence base of this new procedure a Scientific International Society has been established. It has been named DIGITAL DENTISTRY SOCIETY ( DDS). The Digital Dentistry Society has also been created in order to provide a support network for all dental health professionals as they seek to find a way forward through the morass of digital technologies such that our patients will reap the benefit.

The DDS is international and exclusively devoted to science. It is free from political or party influence. The Association is a body without profit, trade or trade-union aims.

The aim of the Association is to favour scientific progress and the applicative development of rehabilitation treatment in dentistry and more generally in the field of oro-maxillofacialtreatment with the use of digital technology.

This objective shall be pursued through supportingscientific research, the organisation of training activities and collaboration with companies in all sectors of Digital Dentistry.

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