Dr Mischa KREBS

conférence digital dentistry

The full digital workflow including the “One Stop Solution”: From bone block to provisional and definitive reconstruction

Dr Mischa KREBS
Salle Conférences – Salle gratte ciel - jeudi 1er octobre 9h45~10h30

Immediate restoration and immediate loading of dental implants have become scientific proven concepts for the restoration of edentulous jaws, edentulous parts of the jaws and in case of single tooth loss. Digital 3D imaging becomes the standard for implant planning.

Digital technologies are on the way to get the standards in the fabrication of provisional and definitive reconstructions in dental medicine. The combination of immediate loading, digital planning on the basis of DICOM and STL data and the possibilities of digital manufacturing lead to new treatment protocols.

With the help of digital planning all necessary materials for grafting as well as for provisional, sometimes even definitive reconstruction can be prefabricated.

It is possible to design an individual bone block on the basis of DICOM Data and to mill it in the office on the day of surgery. Furthermore the modified tools available allow to plan implants, design individual CAD-CAM milled abutments, provisionals and the framework of definitive reconstructions. All these materials can be prepared before surgery and be used in one session to reconstruct the missing teeth. In this session all missing informations for the final reconstruction are collected.

In one additional session the definitive reconstructions can be seated.

This is a time and cost efficient way to reconstruct missing teeth, which perfectly fits the desires of our patients for an affordable, minimal invasive treatment and the reduction of treatment sessions.

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