Dr Ramona BUSER

conférence aria

Evaluation des systèmes d'empreintes optiques intraorales. An update in intraoraloptical impressions

Dr Ramona BUSER
Salle Conférences – Salle gratte ciel - jeudi 1er octobre 13h30~14h15

Over 30 years ago the development of the first digital impression systems has taken place. Parallel to each other two different teams developed their systems, on the one hand Prof. Duret and his team in France and on the other Prof. Mörmann and Dr. Brandestini in Zürich, who developed the Cerec CAD/CAM system. When this first chairside CAD/CAM system was introduced to the market, private practitioners were given access to this completely new technology, allowing an entirely digital way of fabricating dental reconstructions. The so called „digital workflow“ made it possible to abandon conventional impression techniques, use new materials and directly fabricate reconstructions chair-side, saving money and time. Meanwhile uncountable more intraoral optical impression cameras have been developed and the established systems have been further developed. Especially in the past decade a real hype has occurred, which is particularly visible every two years at the IDS in Cologne. The precision and accuracy of the current systems is steadily increasing, the cameras are becoming smaller and lighter and also the indication spectrum is getting broader. It’s not easy to keep the track of current development. This is why this presentation tries to give you an overview on the most present intraoral impression systems on the market in regard of their possibilities and limitations, in comparison to the conventional impression and having a look at the available literature.

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