Drs Andrea & Alessandro AGNINI

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The Digital Dental Revolution : the learning curve

Drs Andrea & Alessandro AGNINI
Salle Conférences – Salle gratte ciel - vendredi 2 octobre 09h00~09h45

In prosthetic rehabilitations, we used for many years codified and widely described protocols in literature, with results that met our expectations and well above those of our patients.

It is true that the advent of new technologies has enabled the dental team to use new material and new equipment that facilitated the production of an adaptation and an accuracy of the prosthetic rehabilitation that has, up to now, been difficult to obtain. Today, intra-oral mapping technology is one of the most exciting new areas in dentistry since three dimensional scanning of the mouth is required in a large number of procedures such as prosthodontics, implant dentistry and orthodontics. All the existing intra-oral scanners are trying to face the limitations and the disadvantages of the traditional impression procedure maintaining an high accuracy level in order to be used as an efficacious alternative to the conventional impression technique.

With this presentation, the authors analyze different cases, highlighting the operational differences that they have developed over time, with the increasing knowledge of the new materials and the daily developing of the new softwares. It is also described how traditional materials and techniques have been replaced with other innovative new technologies, and how the results obtained with these are systematic and overlapping times better than traditional one.

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