Comité scientifique 2017

Pour cette édition 2017, aria s'associe pour la programmation scientifique à la Digital Dentistry Society qui organise son 1er congrès international au sein d'aria.

présidents aria 2017

Les rencontres aria 2015 ont connu un succès à la hauteur des attentes de l'ensemble des acteurs de la profession.

Pour cette édition 2017, aria vous emmène dans le monde de demain pour imaginer les grandes mutations de notre marché. Quels changements sont à prévoir ? Quels impacts auront-ils sur nos métiers?

L'international aura une place prépondérante lors de ces rencontres puisqu'un partenariat avec la Digital Dentistry Society, a été mis en place. Une journée leur sera dédiée et elle sera en charge de l'établissement du programme scientifique.

Le triptyque prothésiste, dentiste, nouvelles technologies restera au centre des débats et des démonstrations.

La Cité Internationale de Lyon accueillera une nouvelle fois ces rencontres qui se construiront autour de conférences et d'animations plus interactives.

Cet événement, où l'équipe organisatrice aura plaisir à vous accueillir, sera une fois encore l'occasion d'échanger, de s'informer, de découvrir.

président DDS 2017The Digital revolution is changing the way people think, communicate and work.

Even the world of Dentistry is experiencing the effects of the Digital revolution: new digital devices are making what were previously manual tasks in an easier, faster, cheaper and more predictable way.

Digital technologies are involving all the work flow of the dental practice so that dental professionals are rapidly changing the way they think, communicate and work.

Moreover, now the technology is mature enough and priced reasonably to complete the digital revolution in dentistry.

To set and improve the evidence base of this new procedure a Scientific International Society has been established. It has been named DIGITAL DENTISTRY SOCIETY ( DDS).

The Digital Dentistry Society has also been created in order to provide a support network for all dental health professionals as they seek to find a way forward through the morass of digital technologies such that our patients will reap the benefit.

The DDS is international and exclusively devoted to science. It is free from political or party influence. The Association is a body without profit, trade or trade-union aims.

The aim of the Association is to favour scientific progress and the applicative development of rehabilitation treatment in dentistry and more generally in the field of oro-maxillofacial treatment with the use of digital technology.

This objective shall be pursued through supporting scientific research, the organization of training activities and collaboration with companies in all fields of Digital Dentistry.

On behalf of the Digital Dentistry Society I am very proud to present the first International Meeting of the DDS which has been organized in combination with a very appreciated Event: the ARIA CAD-CAM Meeting

The scientific program will include different sessions where the lecture from keynote speakers are combined with practical demonstration of the new digital devices available on the market.

The program has been created to  slowly bring the participants into the digital world  starting from the acquisition of the  data up to the realization and delivery of the final work to the patients.

We are sure that the attending will be able to move directly into the different characteristics of intraoral and lab scanners, CBCT, 3D printing and 3D photography , milling procedure and all the software related to the digital work flow in dentistry.At the same time they will have the opportunity to share experiences with experts and colleagues clearly understanding indications and limits of the new technologies.

Waiting you all in Lyon, I wish you my best.

Giuseppe Luongo (President of the Digital Dentistry Society)

La DDS est une société scientifique internationale qui rassemble 134 membres actifs experts dans différents domaines de la dentisterie numérique (Data Acquisition, Restorative & Prosthodontics, chirurgie, orthodontie).

Les missions de la DDS sont :

English version

For this edition, we have entrusted the scientific program to the Digital dentistry Society which organizes its 1st International Congress.

The DDS is an international society composed of 134 active members Active Members; eminent experts in multiple fields of Digital Dentistry (Data Acquisition, Restorative & Prosthodontics, Surgery, Orthodontics).

Missions of Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) are:

  • to stimulate opportunities for the advancement, extension and practice of Digital Dentistry worldwide
  • to enhance the scientific potential, capability and achievements of Digital Dentistry
  • to develop information exchange among Members through Congresses, Conferences, Courses, Publications, and Seminars
  • to encourage communication and collaboration between individual Members of different countries
  • ...